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Tips For Buying A Coffee Vending Machine

The need to serve refreshment to personnel and guests is essential in all organizations. Coffee vending machines increases office efficiency when people are made to create their coffee/tea on their own.

We had a coffee vending machine in our office, but as the number of employees increased a small coffee machine failed to serve the real purpose. Our company wanted to buy a new and advanced coffee vending machine. The admin team was given with the task to go ahead with the process.  We surfed for some tips on internet. Here are some tips that we found.

1. The primary thing to make out is what drinks you want. Coffee vending machines come in various configurations like,

Bean-to-cup - machines that use coffee beans that are only ground when you make your selection.

* Instant coffee - machines that use an instant coffee such as Nescafe or BRU Pure Instant.

* Tea and instant coffee: these machines have a tea brewer that gives a rapid blend and a cup of tea/coffee in about 15 seconds.

2. Then identify the extent of the drinks offered. It may depend on the number of ingredient inside the canisters like coffee beans, sugar, milk powder, hot chocolate, etc. and the number of selection buttons. The choices could be espresso, black coffee, white coffee, cappuccino and hot water.

3. Assess the number of people using the machine. Don't place a large floor standing machine for an office of 20 people! For small offices, table top machines are attractive and capable of serving up to 120 cups a day.

4. Choose the types of cups you need to use either porcelain cups or disposable cups. And if you are planning for disposable cups, whether the machine is vending them or not.

5. Recognize that the quality of the drinks and the actual machine can differ greatly. Select a reputable brand name and never buy an unauthorized brand.

6. Bearing in mind, after sales service is very essential. If things go wrong or if you need maintenance for your machine you may require a reliable and efficient service.

Decide what you need, source the right machine from a reputable supplier and make sure they deliver the service you need.

By http://officeneeds.sulekha.com/