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Vendo Drink Machine -

Snack & Soda Vending Chat Room 24 Nov 2017
Hello,  I have an older Vendo machine with coke front.  It is displaying a strange error code "FtSt"  Does anyone have an idea what this means?  The machine will operate for a short time and then stops and displays this code.   thanks for your help, Doug
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Coke Vendo machine takes coins but not dollars

Snack & Soda Vending Chat Room 26 Oct 2017
Hello again...still trying to help some local club members with a Coke Vendo drink machine (Model 324185024 971117, Serial # 599847). Original 117v Mag bill acceptor would only take a bill in half way. Replaced with two other 117v units and they did the same thing even though they were prope...
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Can USI 3061 motors be adapted to a USI 3038?

Snack & Soda Vending Chat Room 25 Oct 2017
Hello...I have a USI 3038 with a bad vending mechanism. I have several motors from 3061 machines...mechanisms look the same but 3061 has a 4-pin plug and 3038 plug is 2-pin...can the 3061 mechanism be adapted to the 3038? If not, any suggestions would be appreciated. Tried Wittern Tech Support bu...
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Coffee Selling: an All-Time Successful Business

Office Coffee Service (OCS) Chat Room 11 Oct 2017
Undoubtedly coffee is the most popular drink worldwide; around 400 billion cups of coffee is consumed each year. There is a culture of coffee drinking especially in places like the United Kingdom and this can be proven by the fact that in the UK each person consumes 500g of coffee each year. This...
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Dixie-Narco Lighting Ballast

Snack & Soda Vending Chat Room 19 Sep 2017
I need some help please.  I have a Dixie-Narco 368 soda machine in need of a lighting ballast. It's for two single pin fluorescent lights, but I'm not sure which ballast I need.
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